Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 14: Favorite book from your favorite writer

Again with the favorites... Well, since I already blogged about my *true* SAA favorite, I'll write about one of her other books:
This was the second book written by Ms. Allen, and the second one I read. I read it every fall to kick off the fall/winter season. In fact, I'll be rereading it in the next month sometime.

If you read this book you will fall in love with the characters. Your heart will go out to, and ache for, the women of this book: Josey, Della Lee, and Chloe. They have a depth to them that you don't often find in fantasy characters.

Again, this book has a flair for the magic that is intrinsic to each of us. Plus, Josey's sweet tooth will make you hungry.

Trust me, devour this book while snacking on a moonpie.




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