Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 Years!

My Sweetest T-Bone,
  I can't believe you are 2 already!  It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days until your arrival. 
  You are such a big boy and I am so proud of all the things you have accomplished in your short life thus far.  You can count to ten, and love to count everything from floor tiles, to food on your plate, to toys. You skip the number 4 most of the time, but if I remind you, you'll go back and stick it in there.  
  You love Mickey Mouse so much.  Not a day goes by that we don't watch a little bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on tv.  I don't mind, though, because it's teaching you good things. The other day I was talking to Daddy about one of your birthday presents, and I decided to spell it to him.  I told him, "It's the M-I-C-K-E-Y one." You looked up from whatever had your attention and said to me, "Mickey Mouse!"  
  You are an independent little man and love to do things for yourself.  In fact, the phrase I hear come from you more often than any other is, "Me-me."  You like to help by turning light switches on and off. You also like to do your own zippers and velcro on jackets and shoes. 
  Your favorite food is meatballs with sauce, and you would eat it for every meal if we would let you. You also like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, grapes, apples, chips, cookies, and chocolate milk. You also like to try whatever we are eating, even if you don't always end up liking it. 
  You love to go to church and play with toys and your friends in nursery.  You also like to see your Mema at church on Sundays. You love to play in the snow and build snowmen with your Uncle Mac.
  You are all boy and love to drive trucks, stomp in puddles, and play with your tools.  You are my little piano-man and love to play songs for me while I work in the kitchen. You love to help me when I sweep the floor, dust, or put away laundry.  You sing me the clean-up song while you help. 
  You still love to read stories, and always ask me for one more after we finish for the night. Some of your favorites are: Pete the Cat, anything about trucks, your Sesame Street books, and Edwina the Emu. 
  The other day you came up to me and told me that you wanted to go to Mickey Mouse's house.  You said that Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, Poppy, Maddie, Zach, and Mac would go with you.  Someday we'll go to Mickey Mouse's house, just you wait.
  There are very few things you don't like. One of the things you absolutely hate more than anything is getting your hair cut.  In fact, we haven't cut your hair in several months because it's such a traumatic experience for you. You also don't like to have your hair washed in the bathtub. 
  Keep growing my sweet little man.  I look forward to all of the milestones yet to come. Hugs and kisses.



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