Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1: The Best Book You Read Last Year

I read a lot of books last year in preparation for the Sharkbaby's arrival. I think the best one I read, though, was this one:

The Birth That's Right For You: A Doctor and a Doula Help You Choose and Customize the Best Birth Option to Fit Your Needs

Anyone who has ever been pregnant has received a lot of advice (both solicited and unsolicited) on the "best" way to give birth. You will also receive LOADS of judgment. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they know exactly the best way to do something. For me, as a first time mother, this was a good basic guide for me to gain a better understanding of my options.

Anyway, I do have a point. If you're looking for a good "umbrella" read about various birth options, this is a good place to start.



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