About Me...

Well hello!  I'm so glad you've stumbled into my life, laid out in black and white for all to see.

I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, Greasemonkey.  We were married on August 5, 2008.  He promised to tell me the he loves me everyday, and so far he has succeeded. 

In January of 2011 I gave birth to our first little boy, T-Bone. He has a smile that will melt your heart and a stubborn streak a mile wide. His loves to talk, sing, run around, and generally drive his mom crazy.

In August of 2013 we welcomed little boy number 2, Little O. We're still getting to know each other, but he is a sweet and snuggly little man. He loves to watch his big brother and keep his mom and daddy up at night.

I am also a full-time nurse.  I work 12 hour shifts on a Neuro Rehab Unit. It is very rewarding, but sometimes life gets a little bit crazy trying to balance it all.

This is a brief, but telling, glimpse into what makes me tick. 

My thoughts on being a nurse:
"...I knew that was what I wanted to be: a caregiver. To help people when they're in this scary place when everything seems out of control and even their own bodies are betraying them... No disrespect intended, but doctors don't really do the same thing. Sure, they perform the surgery, prescribe the treatments and all, but they're not on the front lines, twenty-four/seven the way we are. When some poor kid's just puked up his guts, it's not the doctor who cleans it up, eases the kid's embarrassment, makes him feel like he's still normal. We're the ones who assure him that he's not some freak, that it's the disease messing with his body and nothing he can control."
~"The Onion Girl" by Charles DeLint

And now a few pictures to show you who we are:

We are a happy family!

The mama (Pippi) and the daddy (Greasemonkey)

Tommy, aka T-Bone

Owen, aka Squishy


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