Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 15 - The person you miss the most

Dear Baby Boy,
This letter is supposed to be to the person I miss the most, and right at this moment, that person is you. I'm at work and you're probably at home with Daddy.
You're going to learn in your life that not all mommys go to work. Some mommys get to work at home by taking care of their babies. But not your mommy. Your mommy works in a hospital. She is a nurse that takes care of sick people. And honestly, my sweet little monkey, I'm a better mom to you because I go to work.
I am grateful, though, to the moms that do stay home, because it gives me a place to send you when I work during the day time. We are truly blessed, little man, to have friends that will take you in as one of their own for a few hours a week. It does this momma's heart good to know that you are being loved and taken care of.
You see, Monkey, as much as I love you I need something else to fill up some of my time. I don't do well when the days stretch out in front of me without the structure of somewhere to be at a certan time. Also, you'd be awfully sick of me if I were around every second of every day. But I do miss you while I'm at work. I think about you the whole time I'm away, and I look forward to whenever I get to see you next. Because, little man, I love you so so much. You will always be my little monkey man.
I love you, baby, every second of everyday.




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