Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 14 - Someone you’ve drifted away from

Dear Colt,
Ha, bet you didn't think that you'd get one of these, huh? I guess it was inevitable that we'd drift apart, since it's incredibly difficult for married men and women to be friends.
I've been thinking about you lately, wondering how you are, wondering what you're doing with your life, hoping that you've found all the happiness you deserve.
Remember the good old days? Sunday dinners, hot tubbing, game nights, Harmon's rolls, and all the other fun times? We might have been a little crazy, but it was always fun! Remember when we graduated from college and we wanted to freak our parents out by walking together? It's probably a good thing we didn't, my mom would have killed me!
I guess we've both chosen a path in life that won't allow us to be the crazy cat lady and the mean old goat man. Well, we still could be, but we'd have to bring our spouses with us.
Did you know that I consider you one of my best friends? Anytime something good happens to me you're one of the first people I want to call. My husband still makes fun of me for making the drive down for your wedding. I found an old picture of us when I was cleaning out my craft room a few weeks ago. It made me smile, and I put it up on a bulletin board to remind me of when we used to be young and carefree without any real responsibility.
Anyway, Colt, I hope that you are happy. I hope that your life is turning out to be everything you hoped and dreamed it would and could. Please know that you'll always hold a special place in my heart as a member of my Southern Utah family.
Love you long time!



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