Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A break from the 30 in 30 to write the Sharkbaby's 7 month letter.

My dearest Bubby,

I can't believe what a big boy you're turning into! You are a very independent and happy boy most of the time.

You love to sit up by yourself and play with your toys. You don't like to be strapped into things like the stroller, carseat, highchair, or grocery cart. You want to be free to move and play. However, you aren't showing much interest in mobility yet. You will roll from your tummy to back, but not from back to tummy. When you're on your tummy you can scoot yourself backward, but not forward, and spin in circles to get to what you want.

Your daddy is your favorite person in the whole world. When he walks into a room your face lights up, you get excited, and start to squeal and laugh. You love to clap your hands and you always clap for Daddy. You also love Sesame Street, puppets, and anything with music to annoy Mommy.

This week you went to playgroup for the first time with some new friends while Mommy went to work. You were such a good and happy boy! You love to be around other kids and make new friends. You sort of think that the world is all here to entertain you.

This month you also learned that you love popsicles, and that you know how to wave bye-bye. Anytime we walk past the front door you wave. I think it's just a little bit adorable.

Your favorite foods are squash, sweet potatoes, and pears. You think it's hysterically funny when I use my mouth to clean off your hands after a meal. It always makes you laugh. We also saw our first tooth this month. I think a second is not far behind.

My favorite time of day with you is when we read stories right after your bath. I love to use silly voices and do things to make you laugh. You always smell so good right after your tubby, and you love to just snuggle with me and read stories.

Well, my sweet little man, I love you so much! I look forward to all the new adventures we get to have together in the future.

All my love,



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