Sunday, March 21, 2010

This question comes to us from my fabulous friend Elmo:

What is your favorite quality of your husband?

What a fun question! I think I have a problem with undervaluing my husband. He really does so much for me and cares so much about me. He loves me despite all of my faults, neuroses, and passive-aggressive spells.

Before I share with you my favorite quality of his, let me give you a little bit of his background:

Curious George's dad joined the church when he married his mom. They weren't sealed in the temple, in fact they eloped. Shortly after joining the church and marrying my mother-in-law, he became offended by something and became inactive. Faced with the prospect of taking 2 (rowdy) little boys to church on her own, my mother-in-law soon followed suit.

Curious George attended church only sporadically growing up. He had a scout leader that would make him go to primary before he could go to scout camp. By the time he reached adulthood he was living full-fledged in a non-LDS lifestyle. He enjoyed partying, going to clubs, drinking, and having a beer with the boys while working on bikes.

He had friends from every walk of life. They came from different ethnic, religious, and familial backgrounds. And Curious George loved them all equally.

That's the one quality I admire the most about him: his complete lack of judgment of others. He doesn't care who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, he's going to give you the same opportunity to be his friend as he would anyone else.

He doesn't judge me for my silly little ideas, plans, or habits. He takes me at face-value for who I am.

I think he's the best husband out there... but who am I to judge?


melissa mae said...

I love it! I really love his story.


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