Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faith Building Experiences

When I was growing up I was always taught that if I was able to serve in the church, I should be willing to serve in the church. I was taught to never turn down a calling, even if I didn't want it.

Just over a year ago I was called to be the primary chorister in my ward. The calling scared me, and that told me that I definitely needed to accept. I said yes and began a serious roller coaster ride.

This calling pushed me in ways I never thought it would. I was forced to be more organized than I ever had been. I had to prepare in advance, think of good ideas to keep the kids entertained but still teach the kids the songs.

I was incredibly excited when they released the program theme for 2010: I Know That My Savior Lives. Amazing! Immediately I thought of probably 20 songs that I wanted to teach the kids, and then I heard the theme song for the year. It was beautiful! I taught it to my primary and teared up every time I heard those little ones bear testimony through song. "Yes!" I though, "This is my year."

And then today the bishop pulled me aside before singing time. Turns out our ward is reorganizing the entire primary, and all of the leadership is being released... myself included. A few people were being put back in, but not me.

I have never before cried when I was released for a calling. Today, I can't seem to stop the flow of tears. I will miss my primary so much. I will miss hearing them bear testimony through song. I will miss seeing their faces light up when the message of the song hits home.

So, for now, I will have faith that Heavenly Father has something else in store for me. Another calling will come that will stretch me, make me grow, and challenge me in new ways. I will miss my primary, but good things can, and will, come from whatever new opportunity presents itself next.

But I'm still going to cry.


Melanie said...

Primary chorister was my first calling when Matt and I got married, and I stayed primary chorister for four years through three different apartment moves.

Like you I was extremely hesitant when I was first called to it. But also like you, I came to adore that calling. There is nothing like teaching children, especially through song. How many primary lessons do you remember from when you were a child? Probably not too many, but the songs... who doesn't remember the songs? For me it's the gospel in it's truest and simplest form. What a privilege to teach that message to the simplest members of the church.

One year the theme song was Children Holding Hands Around the World... you probably know it because your primary kids know it. That song means so much to me, and I cry nearly every time I hear it to this day.

Lena said...

Oh my, Annie! I know you loved that calling so much. I am sure you will get to do it again.


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