Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Dream In Food

Our last question (For now. Don't worry, Christi, I didn't forget about you. I just need to read some Jane Austen first) comes from my good friend Tara:

If you could design one perfect room in your house, which would it be and what would it look like?
This one is totally easy, but I will still expound upon it for paragraphs to come. Hopefully I can find some pictures to illustrate my points. (Just to test how well Curious George knows me I asked him which room I would choose. He looked at me like I was an idiot and gave me the correct answer immediately.) I feel very strongly about one particular room being the center of any home. That room is the kitchen. I find that I spend most of my time in the kitchen, whether it be preparing meals, hanging out, or whatever. So, the room I would want to be perfect is the kitchen.

A few luxuries I would like:
~Plenty of storage space
~Gas range
~Double wall ovens (preferably electric)
~An oversized fridge/freezer
~Taller than normal counter height
~A restaurant-style hood over my stovetop.

I really love the look of antique-white cabinets. I would love for some of them to have glass panes in the doors, but definitely not panes in all the doors. Overall I think the french country style is lovely for a kitchen. I would like an island separate from the rest of the counters, maybe done in a different color wood but with matching counter tops. I think that butcher-block counter tops are great. I would also really like a tile backsplash to match the colors in the tile on the floor. Yes, tile is a must.

The following pictures are all fabulous kitchens. I would take elements from each of them to put into my own kitchen:I love the brightness of this kitchen. I also love the over-sized drawers, and how the floor matches the walls. And that sink? To die for!

I love the under-counter bookshelves and storage in this one. I would probably skip the pineapples, though. Too many canker sores.

Love the red island and the island sink in this one. I would love to have a red island in a sea of white cabinets. I also like the symmetry, it's the OCD in me.

This one is probably my favorite. I love the around the corner storage and the different colors of wood. And that pantry? Amazing! I love the main porcelain sink, but the smaller vegetable sink on the island. I love that the cluttered-ness of it just makes it look homey.

Oh my! That range hood and that fridge! Beautiful! Also love how the colors of the tile in the backsplash pull in the island and the floor. Gorgeous!

So, there it is... if I could have the perfect room it would be the kitchen. Someday, when I get my dream kitchen, will you come over for a chat and a little treat?



Kendall said...

I totally agree I would decorate the kitchen. And I have always wanted to do the under the counter bookshelves as well

minisuperbias said...

No worries. I'd found most girls have a very strong and immediate opinion on which jane austen they are. But I could just as easily ask which sarah addison allen character you are (though not as many people would get it!)


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