Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's in Your Wallet?

Actually, this blog post is brought to you by my friend Jill, who got the challenge here. Again, I've been feeling a little low on bloggable material lately, so I decided to play along.

The challenge, in case you don't want to follow my link trail, is this:
~Dump your purse
~Take a picture
~Analyze what the contents of your purse say about you

So, without further ado, I bring you my purse. (I've numbered the items to satisfy my organizational tendencies and to make this blog a little easier to follow):
1. My adorable purse. My sister gave me this super cute purse for my birthday. Curious George doesn't like it. He says it looks like it's wearing a skirt, and that purses don't need clothes. I love it. It holds a ton of stuff without looking like I'm carrying around a duffle bag.

2. My mirrored makeup bag. This bag doesn't actually hold makeup. It has various lotions, hand sanitizers (hey, I'm a nurse), and probably 8 different chapstick options. It also holds various "unmentionable" feminine products.

3. I always, always, always have a book with me. I go a lot of places where I end up waiting for whatever reason. Currently I'm reading "Running With Scissors." Pretty disturbing, but also laugh-out-loud funny.

4. Yes, that is a gun. For my 25th birthday I got myself a concealed weapons permit. I don't carry all the time, mostly just if I know I'm going to be outside, alone, at night, etc. I'm just exercising my 2nd amendment right.

5. Oakleys, along with their carry bag. Love these sunglasses. And, shocker here, they're not pink!

6. My Palm Centro phone. I never leave home without it. Yes, the cover is pink argyle.

7. My wallet, pretty self explanatory. Really, it could hold a blog post all on it's own.

8. My ipod, complete with pink skull candy ear-buds. I love my music, and sometimes night shifts get REALLY loooooooooong.

9. Yep, a tube of hydrocortisone cream. Trust me, when you're allergic to the sun you need it a lot.

10. My cutesy coin purse. It also holds extra bobby pins... just in case.

11. A single piece of gum. Huh?

12. My point-and-shoot camera. Pink again!

13. My favorite pen. My husband "borrowed" it from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on one of his runs at work. I love this pen so much. As a nurse, I get rather attached to particular pens.

Eek, I just realized that I had an unlucky 13 purse items. What does that say about me? It's a little ironic that I would choose today to dump my purse. Just this afternoon my little brother told me that if I dug deep enough I might find a third-world country in my purse. So, those are my deep, dark, purse-hidden secrets.

I'm not sure exactly how to psychoanalyze myself, so what do you think my purse says about me?



jill said...

my personal favorite is the single piece of gum :)

See we need a purse oracle.

Kristina P. said...

Mine would be a bag full of trash. Definitely no gun.


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