Monday, May 28, 2012

I am not an engineer

There is a movement afoot from some students at that unmentionable school to the south.  There is a girl down there who is pushing to get rid of the title "Homemaker."  She finds it to be out-dated, offensive, and something to be ashamed of. I'm going to have to beg to differ.

Now lets talk for a moment about the term "housewife."  That term, I do think is outdated.  It brings to mind an image of a woman whose only job is to be a wife that stays at home.  It has an air of laziness and entitlement about it.

I personally feel that "homemaker" is a very apt description of what a wife and mother does on a daily basis. I may work full time, but I consider myself a homemaker.  Every day that I spend taking care of Greasemonkey and T-Bone, I am making a home.

The following is an excerpt from the Deseret News article that can be found here:
"Bullock said that the word 'homemaking' has a certain connotation that her generation didn’t relate to, so she decided to come up with a new concept of taking care of the home and created the term 'domaign'...
'Domaign' comes from the Czech word 'doma,' which means home, and 'ign' from the last three letters in design."

Essentially what she says is that she feels like a domaign "engineer" works to create the perfect life. That's where I run into issues with her whole campaign. I don't feel that my job as a homemaker is to engineer a perfect life.  I work to make an orderly, love-filled, happy home. 

Honestly, I have enough on my plate without trying to engineer a perfect life.  If I were to strive for perfection at home I would go crazy!  There is no such thing as a perfect life and anyone who thinks they can create it is going to spend their life being disappointed. 

I feel like the best thing I can do as a wife and mother is work at making a happy home. I am happy to call myself a homemaker. 




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