Friday, October 23, 2009

Shout Out

Just wanted to send a few shout outs...

The first is to Lena, who is getting ready to have her last round of chemo.

The second is to Paris, who just had her first round of chemo.

You are both awesome women and such an example of strength and perseverance! Love you both!

And lastly, one for my little brother, Elder Hatch. He hit his one year mark last week. Way to go Zig!


Lena said...

Thanks Annie! I am kind of more nervous for this one than I have been for most of the others. Its good to be done though!

Meg said...

And I now have 11 freakin more treatments to go!! Crap! I wish I was where Lena is... can you tell it wasn't the best of days? Thanks for the shoutout.


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