Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'll be honest...

I didn't vote. I know, I'm going to be struck down by Hatch family members past... and possibly my own father, but there's the truth of the matter. In all honesty, I just never re-registered after I got married and changed my name. Sheer laziness? Possibly. Oh well, in all honesty I don't know who I would've voted for anyway. I strongly dislike (can't quite make myself say hate) both candidates policies on certain things. All in all, I'm just glad the election is over. Can we all move on and start living our lives again?

One thing I will miss seeing, though, is the Sarah Palin soccer mom hair and red power suit. I can't help myself, I really like her. I think we could be friends... you know, if I were into living in Alaska and all that. I think she seems like one of those women that would bake you casseroles if you had a sick family member, or just gave birth, or something. I think she should release a "How to cook like you're from Alaska" cookbook. I would buy it, I'll be honest.

As for other things, this has been quite the week. My parents left town on Sunday, so I've been helping Maddie out by taking Mac to school and helping to cook dinners. I know, she's an adult, but she's a very busy one... and I have a lot of free time. Plus, I still can't help but see her as my little sister, even though she's working on a doctorate degree and is way more of an adult than I'll ever be. I got to talk to Zach on Tuesday for a few minutes while he was waiting to board his plane to Hawaii. I must say, I'm incredibly jealous about the weather he's experiencing there versus the several inches of snow we've received today. Sometimes I think if I didn't love the Utah bubble so darn much I'd move somewhere that it doesn't snow.

Our Halloween party was a lot of fun, we didn't have as big of a turn out as we'd hoped, but most of our favorite people were there. I decided that we should have one Halloween-type day a month, where we get to dress up in costumes and be someone else for the day. I don't think the Stacey London/Clinton Kelly devil-angels that sit on my shoulder constantly would go for that. *sigh* A girl can dream.

I've been feeling a bit under-the-weather lately, but it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. Sometimes I just wish it'd turn into a full-blown cold or flu so I could stop just feeling so-so. Maybe night shifts are finally starting to get to me... of course that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to switch to days.

Steve is officially making the move to American Fork in December, so we've started townhouse shopping in the Herriman/Bluffdale area. I don't really want to leave this valley but I don't want him to have to commute from where we are now. I figure we can split the difference and live in the south end of the valley, that way we both get to keep our jobs... and we wouldn't be renting anymore. I'm so ready to have a house that's MINE. I want to be able to paint walls.

I've been doing a lot more sewing lately, and I'm hoping that Santa will be bringing me my own sewing machine for Christmas. Santa, did you see that?

I go my eyebrows waxed today and the cute Vietnamese lady that did them made fun of me for waiting almost 2 months between waxes. I know, I'm lame. She decided, with no input from me, that I was finally getting them waxed for a hot date. I told her that I'm married, I don't go on hot dates anymore. She then proceeded to tell me about how I needed to plan hot nights for my husband to keep the spark alive. She may be onto something there. I should buy some sexy shoes for inspiration. (I'm such a lucky girl, my husband loves it when I wear great shoes).

All in all, a good week, I'll be honest.


Annette said...

Not to burst your bubble about voting, but I found out that those of us who have had a name change and have moved could still vote- it's just called a provisional vote, very similar to an absentee ballot. Anyways, exciting to hear about your new move! Gotta love painting your own place. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

Lena said...

I think that Clinton and Stacey would be ok with us dressing up as long as we didnt walk the streets like that. Oh, and my dad is the same as steve, my mom has some amazing heels.

Talina said...

Annie, this is why you and I are friends. And Annette just made me feel guilty. I didn't vote either cause I never re-registered after moving. Also, I knew who Utah would support (any republican running) and Renew the Zoo would pass.

Now for the reason we are friends. I KNEW Obama would win. But for some reason, it never sunk in that him winning would mean Sarah Palin NOT in the White House. I'm going to miss her. More accurately, I am going to miss Tina Fey playing her, though apparently that would have ended anyways.

Good luck shopping for a condo. I am WAY jealous!


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