Friday, November 21, 2008

I still hate Bella Swan

So, I'm officially a Twilight fangirl. Lame, I know.
Last night at ten o'clock Steve and I headed for Gateway for an evening out with some work friends. What was on our agenda? A dinner of half-price appetizers at Applebees and then a 12:50 showing of the Twilight movie. I am officially a nerd. I'm not going to give a movie review here, because I have a lot of strong feelings on the subject, but I will say that I'm excited for the second movie. "Why?" you may ask...Let me tell you: I am a Jacob girl. Please, don't throw things at me. Anyway, Jacob really comes into his own in the second book and I'm excited to see how that's portrayed in the movie. Plus, Jacob is the only character that I feel was well cast in the movie.
Anyway, my trooper of a hubby came to dinner and the movie with me, even though I gave him the option of not coming. He said he enjoyed it but felt like there were a lot of holes in the story since he hasn't read the books. I filled him in on a few things and he seems excited to follow the story further.
In other news: I bought the cutest nativity at the hospital gift shop. I'll post pictures when it's out of boxes. I've also been working on a few more projects for the house. I'll put up pictures of them as they get a little further finished. One of them is a quilt that I'm super-excited about. It's half denim squares and half designer fabrics that I've bought as scraps online. All in all the whole quilt is going to cost me less than $20. Pretty sweet.
Oh yeah, I still hate Bella Swan.


Lena said...

I have never been a fan of Bella. I am with you. But I have not seen the movie yet. I am an Edward girl though. Jacob was weak and too much of a teenage martyr for me. More power to you though.

Talina said...

I am a Jacob girl as well. He definately got all whiny-teenager but lets face it, that should make him PERFECT for Bella (I hate her too). And the whole Edward thing was just too much drama. Apparently I have become a love-realist in my old age. But anyways, I haven't seen the movie yet but my sister did and hearing her talk about it was hilarious. Her favorite actor in the whole movie was the friend, Jessica and she said she laughed every time Jasper entered the scene, describing him as a 'fart-sniffer' actor. Also, apparently Edward is overly hairy for a supposedly 'statuesque' vampire. But I still plan to see it and I will probably watch any sequels made cause let's face it, I'm a Twilight junkie.

jill said...

I am also a Jacob girl!!!

Vee said...

Jacob girl myself.
Talina's comment on Jasper being the fart sniffer is spot on too!

ALSO here is a super funny link to the "revised script" script


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