Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aw, Do I Have To Go?

This is generally the face I make on Stake Conference Sunday (minus the hat and the airport setting, of course):I can give you any number of reasons for why I don't like to go to Stake Conference, a few being:
~I can't sit still that long
~I get cold sitting in the gym
~It's not necessarily the most enjoyable of meetings. It's usually a lot of information crammed into some dry talks

Anyway, all of these excuses (cause that's what they are) were some that I gave my husband for not wanting to go to Stake Conference today. A few wise words from Pops, you remember him from earlier this week, convinced us that we needed to go.

Man, am I glad we did. As you could probably tell from my last post I've been struggling this week. There are a few things that right now that I want so badly I can taste them (take my word on this one: according to my desires houses don't taste good... neither do babies). I've been having a hard time containing my jealousy, disappointment, and anxiety about these things. We sat through almost the entire meeting, except the rest hymn. We stood for that one. Finally the stake president got up to speak, as the final wrap-up for the day.

The first words of his talk went something like this:
"Do not give up hope. Have faith. Do not despair."

I was immediately a smushy, bawling mess. He continued on his talk to discuss the benefits of having hope, faith, and remaining cheerful in the face of adversity. He counseled us that if we are faithful and continue to work hard at obeying the commandments, our righteous desires would be granted to us.

So, just a quick thank you to President Brinkerhoff for restoring my hope, for reminding me to be cheerful, and for reassuring me while I was in a dark place.

Never again will I doubt the power of Stake Conference.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, man, can I relate! Out last Stake Conference was probably the first time we had gone in 2 years, and it was great.


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