Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Learning Something New

Today I bring you an educational blog. We will be discussing the rules of frisbee golf, from a distant observers point of view.

1. The Dress Code: Clothing inhibits your throw, so less is definitely more. For women, shorty shorts and a tube top seem to be the best option. For men, just go shirtless. That seems to be the norm. However, boys, should you choose to wear a shirt it is encouraged that it either be a wife-beater tank top or contain a picture of one of the following: Bob Marley, a pot leaf, the Insane Clown Posse, or some sort of animal with antlers.

2. Bringing Baby: This is a game for the whole family. If you have a baby or a dog, bring them along! However, this game makes it clear, pushing the baby stroller is the woman's job. Also, I would recommend putting a leash on your dog (or your baby, if that's how you roll) so it can't chase down and mangle your vast collection of frisbees.

3. The Gear: If you plan on playing often I would recommend spending a large sum of money on frisbees of different weights, sizes, and colors. In fact, I would buy two of each, because it is inevitable that one will end up in the middle of the road and run over by a car. It is also important that you get the proper bag to carry all of your new overpriced plastic dinner plates. This way, they are organized and you can always claim that you can't push the stroller because you have to carry your murse.

4. Practice Makes Perfect: Since this "sport" seems so popular you will almost always end up waiting to start your turn through the course. While waiting it is customary to practice your throw. In fact, it is encouraged. However, one very strict rule is that you must use your playing companion as a target. Trust me, they like it.

5. The Casual Observer: This one is mostly for the women. If you're not going to play, you don't have a stroller to push, or a dog to control, it is recommended that you stand sullenly to one side, complain about how bored you are, twirl your hair, and pick your fingernails.

So, there you have the rules of frisbee golf according to a distant observer. Come on, it's fun to learn new things!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a humorous blog post and does not in any way actually teach the game of frisbee golf.


Kristina P. said...

I had no idea there were such intricate rules! I've never played before. :(

Annette said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I've played before and yes, all those unwritten rules come into play far too often. What gave you this post idea? :D

jill said...

i despise frisbee golf. it was all the rage in high school. but i do like your children on leashes sign although i think it is wrond to put your child on a leash.

Lynn said...

I love this post! Our family played frisbee golf once, though one son was on an anti-family-night kick and decided not to play...until he started feeling left out.

Jill--you wouldn't have liked to see me then, when I had a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old, and was pregnant with number 3--at a large community festival. I loved my children and had every intention of bringing them home with me, so they were on a leash. It's way better than losing one, which did happen to me once and it was so scary until he turned up.

A lost child can happen in a second. Trust me.


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