Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not quite fiddler on the roof

So, we had a pleasant surprise upon returning home Saturday evening... the Ceiling Fairy (aka the maintenance dudes) had come at some point during the day and patched our impromptu skylight. They also had put our furniture back in it's regular spot, vacuumed, and generally straightened up. They still needed to tape, mud, texture, and paint, but it was a start. They left us a lovely note saying that they would be back on Monday to do the tape and mud. Well, Monday rolled around and we had about a bazillion things to do, so we took off with hopes of returning to another Ceiling Fairy completed project. Alas, this was not so.

Tuesday morning as I was leaving for the gym I ran into one of the maintenance guys in the hallway and he informed me that due to our issues they were going to be re-roofing the whole building. Now, in general, I love the idea. I'd rather not have anymore cave ins, leaks, etc. Only problem, I sleep during the day. All through nap time yesterday and trying to sleep this morning I laid in bed, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, and wondered how it was possible for two grown men to sound like a herd of elephants. I still don't quite know the answer to this question.

Anyway, yesterday it sounded like they were making something fall in my laundry room while they were stamping around upstairs. So, I decide to take a quick peek to see what the ceiling in there looks like... Lo and behold, we're on the verge of another cave-in. So, I had Steve call the management and leave, yet another, message. You think after all of this someone would have the decency to return a phone call (maybe they're afraid of what we'll say to them on the phone), but alas we never got a call back. So, this morning he called again and was able to leave an emergency message for whoever holds the magic pager. The phone call was never returned, but I have evidence that they came and checked out the ceiling. Granted, they didn't do anything about it, but they've at least seen that we're about to have another impromptu skylight.

Needless to say, our living room ceiling still isn't finished (we're waiting on texture and paint). They did, however, say that when they are all finished they will pay to have our carpets and couch cleaned. I wonder when that day will finally arrive.

In the meantime I think I've developed a twitch.


Mr. B said...

But hey, you don't have the birds anymore! ;)
Hope it all gets fixed soon. You deserve some excellent sleep.

Lena said...

Holy Crap!!! I can totally understand though! It takes forever to even get our place to agree to come look at the problem, much less actually fix it. But mine would never have volunteered to clean anything. So that is one good thing. I hope it is sooner than later!


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