Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last one

This has been a lot of fun, and I'm more than happy to keep answering any questions sent my way, but for now this is the last one I've received.

Talina asks:
"For my question, where do you see yourself in 10 years? You can do realistically, best-case-scenario, awesome dream fantasy, or all of the above ;)"

Alright, get settled, cause this could be a long one. Just for the record, 10 years from now I'll be 34.

Realistically, we'll be in a house with a yard. We'll most likely have 4 kids. I'd like to have 2 or 3 of our kids be biological children, and 1 or 2 of them be adopted. I would love to be able to take in some children that need a good home to live in. If we're not able to adopt, then I'd definitely love to take in foster children. At this point I'd like to have my bachelor's degree. As far as my career goes if I'm still doing floor nursing I'd like to just be working part time so I can be home with kids as much as possible. Ideally I'd like to be working at a doctors office or an insurance company so I can be home when my kids are home. No matter what else happens, I'll be happy. :)

Really, my dream fantasy would be close to what my life will be like in the realistic scenario. About the only thing that I would change, is that job-wise I'd be working for a plastic surgeon, assisting in surgeries and working in office. I'd be living in our dream house, built on an acre somewhere not too far from Salt Lake City. We'd both be driving our dream cars, working our dream jobs (I know what mine is, I don't think Steve has any clue what his is), and raising well-behaved and intelligent children.

Okay, I know this post was kind of lame, but really, this was kind of a hard question to answer. You should try it for yourself...


Talina said...

I understand. My realistically/best-case-scenario are great, but kinda boring. My awesome dream fantasy would require some more thought. . . but I think it would involve pirates, space-bound sharks. . . and possibly Chuck Norris ;)


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