Monday, March 23, 2009


So, since my life has a serious lack of internet access right now I'll give you a two-fer on the question answering today.

Christi of Tranquilitea asks:
"Hmm, in a fight between ninjas and pirates, who would win? If they were on sharks in space would that change your answer?"

Really, this is no contest in my opinion. I've always had a special place in my heart for pirates. Seriously, even when my family went to Disneyland in my senior year of high school I took as many pictures of pirates as I could (My favorite is of myself and the notorious Captain Hook).

When I asked Steve for his opinion on the matter he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Duh, ninjas. Even with the space sharks." My reply, "No way! Pirates are scrappy."

(Let me insert, briefly, that this question sparked a lively debate around my family's dinner table. McKay says ninjas, my dad says, "Pirates, no question", and Maddie says Chuck Norris. If it didn't involve pirates I'd tend to agree with Maddie.)

Anyway, back to my pirates argument. While in your average, run of the mill fight the more disciplined fighter is generally going to win, pirates are the wild card. Because they've seen more of the world, it's safe to reckon that they've picked up fighting styles along the way.

Also, my thought is that if you put a bunch of men on a boat with weapons, no women, and way too much spare time they're bound to pick up a few mad fighting skills, not to mention other skills... like shark riding. That's right, I think that by throwing sharks in space into the mix you're just going to give the pirates more of an edge.

So, there you have it: Pirates, hands down... even in space.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I agree with Steve! NINJAS win!!!

Mr. B said...


Talina said...

Annie, this is why we are friends. I LOVE pirates. Do you remember in Mrs. Arnell's English class when we could write a research paper on ANYTHING? I wrote mine on pirates. It was the greatest school assignment ever.

Lena said...

Pirates. Ha! I think it would be ninjas, cause they could hide from the pirates, sneak up, attack and be goine before the pirates even noticed!

The Hatch Family said...

You made me laugh. I am sorry I missed the conversation. I would pick Pirates as well. Those sly little devils. By the way I like the new blog set up.

minisuperbias said...

yes! this is why this question is so fabulous. it's inane, pointless, moot, and utterly fantastic! it usually inspires some very good conversation. btw, i agree with maddie. but there's not really a point to putting Chuck Norris in the equation. i bet he'd come and round house kick a person to the head just for posturing that someone could potentially win a fight against him.


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