Monday, March 23, 2009

Round one...

The lovely Mr. B asks:
"What were your favorite, and least favorite parts about living with me? Now, be honest."

Well, Mr. B, let me tell you. Some of my favorite things about living with you were:
~All the fun new friends I made
~A wide selection of movies I'd never even heard of
~Living with a boy (SO much easier than living with a girl)
~The lovesac
~Having a social "crutch" at church
~Decorating Nadia for the holidays
~Listening to you sing in the bathroom (Too personal? Nah)
~Oh so many other things

Really, most of my least favorite things had nothing to do with you at all:
~Those damn birds
~The smokers downstairs
~When you still traveled for work and I'd have to spend a week at a time home alone
~The carpet in the loft (So gross)
~The fact that we kept such different hours. It was strange to have a roommate that I'd rarely see.

All in all, I think that sharing the condo was one of my favorite times in my life. You were by far the best non-husband roommate I ever had. Thanks for a great nine months in San Francisco. :)


Mr. B said...

WOOT! And let me just tell you the other day I vacuumed the loft. I think it may be the only time it's ever been done since we bought the place. It turned a different shade of blue.

You were a rockin' roommate to. Here's to good times!


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