Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The good news, and the bad... revisited

So, we'll start with the bad news. I'm pretty upset about this (because I totally got my hopes up) but the seller has received a better offer than ours on the condo, aka someone else wants to pay full price (We offered about 10k less than asking). So, unless that sale falls through, not likely, we won't be getting the condo. So much for the decorating plans I'd made in my head.
On the good news front, we won't have to worry about buying out our lease. We've decided we're going to hold off on buying for a little while. We'll start seriously shopping again around the time our lease is up, and then just rent on a month to month basis until we find something. Not ideal, but it'll be ok.
I guess I just got my hopes up about being a homeowner. I know something will come along for us when the time is right.


Talina said...

You may still want to keep an eye out for short-sales. They can take MONTHS to go through. My sister put in an offer on a short-sale and after no decision being made after 6 months, gave up and bought another house but if you have time to wait (i.e. you haven't just sold your own house and need a new one to live in), it's easier to wait around for the bank to decide to sell to you.

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

Hey!! That sucks about your condo!! But maybe it's for the best with you both going back to school and all. What are you going to do in school? NP?


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