Monday, December 15, 2008

Tales from Primary... and other stories

So, if you are a follower of this blog you will recall that I was recently called to be the primary chorister of our ward. Well, this past Sunday in church I went to primary to watch the current chorister, pick up some tips, and maybe learn a few names. I hope this Sunday is an omen of things to come in this ward, because I have a few awesome stories.
1. As the children were getting ready to leave primary the presidency announced that they had a little gift for each of the children. One little boy stands up, obviously thrilled and asks, "Is it a Wii?" Apparently they make comments like this all the time, so it's not hard to tell that our ward has money.
2. During sharing time once a month we do a special thing called "Sister Friendly". One of the older women from the ward comes in and shares stories from the Friend magazine with the children. Well, she asked if any of the children knew how to dance or enjoyed dancing. One boy, probably about 8 years old, announces that he can do the worm. Pure awesomeness.
3. During singing time we were letting the kids that were well behaved choose the next song we would sing. We were trying to prod them in the direction of Christmas songs, but that didn't always happen. There was one child who had done particularly well the song before, so he was chosen to pick the next song. He gets all excited and says, "Book of Mormon Stories, because the Book of Mormon is about Jesus!!" Well, we couldn't argue because he had a point, so we sang Book of Mormon stories.

I guess asking for callings was a good thing, because with in 2 weeks we've both received them. Yesterday at church Steve was called to be the assistant ward scout master. So, now that we both have callings with the youth I've figured that their either trying to use it as birth control to make us hold off on kids, or push us in the direction of getting started on a family.
I think I have an addiction to buying Christmas decorations. Everytime we go out to run errands I find a few more on sale and can't help but buy some. Between my need to get a good deal, and my wanting to have a festive house I'm quickly overrunning our little place. Steve doesn't seem to mind, though, so I guess I'll keep it up until he gets annoyed enough to stop me.
And now for some audience participation: Is it wrong to regift things we got for our wedding as Christmas gifts to other people?
I hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season!


Annette said...

Re-gift wedding gifts? Sure, why not? They are yours after all. So long as you don't give them back to the same person!

minisuperbias said...

as long as the re-gifting doesn't get back to the original gifter, why not. it's a waste if it just gets dusty sitting in a closet ;)

my word verification word is "fibily", hee hee

Vee said...

ooo i love your xmas layout!
Regifting things is awesome btw- one should never fear the regift.

Lena said...

Those stories are sweet! Those kids sound cute. I am glad that you guys have callings now, it makes you feel useful. That is cool that now Nik and Steve both have callings in the scouts!

jill said...

regifting is great! I have a decoration obsession as's fine.

Ally said...

The children sound adorable! Love them!


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