Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

Every Father's Day, my family goes camping and fishing at a little lake in Southern Utah. The fishing is awesome, the company is great, and the time away from real life is the best part.

This was Sharkleton's first family vacation. He was such a good boy! Much like Billy the Kid with time travel, he dealt with the oddity of camping with the greatest of ease (sorry, couldn't help myself...). He stuck with his schedule, for the most part, and only had a little bit of trouble going to sleep at bedtime.

His parents, however, had some struggles. First, there was the fact that our trailer didn't have a microwave. We knew this going in, but I figures we'd just use the bottle warmer to heat up his food in the middle of the night. Considering that our trailer only ran frigidly cold water, this was going to be sort of important. Anyway, we discovered the hard way that the bottle warmer (which runs off electricity) wouldn't function unless the trailer was plugged into the generator. Oh wait, you can't run the generator after 10 pm. Hmmm... problem. So, my dad has a brilliant idea: we'll just fill a water bottle with boiling hot water, wrap it in a blanket, and it should still be at least lukewarm by the time he wants to eat. Uh, not so. So, on the first night I spent 20 minutes sitting on the floor of the trailer holding the cold bottle in front of the heater trying to warm it up.

And then there was the night that the heater went out completely. Friday and Saturday were both beautiful, with sunny skies and warm temperatures. And then there was Sunday... rain, snow, and storms all day. So, around midnight, I wake up to feed the baby and our trailer is FREEZING! We all laid there shivering for a few minutes before I made an executive decision. So, in the middle of the night, we packed a small bag, loaded the Sharkbaby into his car seat, and headed to Brian Head. Luckily, my uncle was staying in the condo there and heard my insistent knocking on the door.

On Saturday afternoon we, bravely, decided to take the boy out on a boat for a few hours. We bundled him into a coat, a life jacket, a hat, and a heavy layer of sunscreen, and jumped onto the boat. He handled it like a champ! He was happy, smiley, and kept making faces at this wind.

So, all in all, it was a great trip. We had a few late nights, a few more early mornings, some mishaps, and some great times. I hope that the Sharkbaby grows up loving that place as much as his mama does.



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