Sunday, June 26, 2011

5 Alive

Time for the Sharkbaby's monthly letter:

My Dear Baby Boy,
Oh, my goodness, 5 whole months! You are growing into such a big, handsome, and sweet boy. You are so happy and smiley. You love to be where Mom and Dad are, doing whatever it is that we're doing. You hate being strapped down, whether in a car seat, stroller, or anything else. You want to be able to move and wiggle and see what's going on all around you.
You love to suck on your feet and hands, and lately have been sucking on your thumb quite a bit. Your favorite toys are your monsters, they go pretty much everywhere with you. You also really love your Lovey that Momma made for you. You pretty much need it to go to sleep.
Speaking of sleep, you really like to sleep. We can put you down wide awake and, almost always, you'll put yourself to sleep within 15 minutes.
You got to go on your first camping trip this month. You handled the whole thing fairly well. It threw off your eating and sleeping schedule a bit, but nothing too major. You liked being on the boat, sitting by the campfire, and hanging out with all of your family.
You also started eating cereal this month and you LOVE it! You get so excited to eat, and want to play in it, too. We had to switch your tubby time from the morning to the night, after your daily cereal, because you were always such a mess by the time we were done. Everyone loves to watch you eat because you're like a little baby bird. You get so excited and start to dance around with your mouth wide open waiting for the next bite.
Well, Bubbaloo, keep up the good growing work. Your mommy and daddy love you very much!
Hugs and Kisses.



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