Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Aquarium, AKA A Nursery for Sharky

So, I finally put the vinyl up on the nursery wall. Pretty much I'm just trying to keep myself occupied now that I'm on maternity leave. I figured it was time for a little sneak peak at the nursery, though, so here you go:

Right now the changing table is housing the stuffed animals. I'll have to find them another home soon. I've also got some bins stuffed full of extra blankets, diapers, wipes, bum cream, etc. I figured I'd want that stuff close at hand. That tasty little piece of camo you see in the corner is the man's favorite diaper bag. Curious George told me that the one I picked out was much too girly for our manly Shark-child (speaking of which, I have another diaper bag, obviously never used, which is up for grabs to anyone that wants it. It's very cute.).
This is Sharky's crib. I got a swinging deal on the crib bedding, and my mom helped me buy the crib and changing table.
This is the vinyl we decided on for over the crib. I'm not sure why it's all washed out and gray looking. The walls are actually tan.
The dresser with some books and monsters (thanks Carma!).
My favorite corner in the room. The cabinet has some more blankets, binkies, burp clothes, etc. The picture on the wall was a gift from my siblings.
I just love these little birds, too! It looks to me like they're hanging out on a telephone wire.
"The Aquarium"



jill said...

super cute!!

Chels said...

Ah! So cute and fun! Shawn's convinced that we don't need to decorate a nursery for when we have a kid. Pfft. Men.

Topher and Carma said...

So so cute, I love the nursery and hope for your sake the little dude comes soon. Good luck!


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