Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A short list

Well, we've been REALLY busy the last week or so, so I'm just going to make a list of everything that's going on.
~Baby Jo(e) is a boy! Names we are considering: Milo, Jonah, Collin, William (Liam), and Franklin. For the sake of "book names" on the blog though, we will refer to him from now on as Little Critter. At the ultrasound appointment the tech and the doctor were both frustrated that he wouldn't hold still for any good pictures... except to prove that he was a boy. My midwife also told me that because I'm tall my measurements will probably be off. Basically, I'm just going to look fat until like month 7.
~We moved! Hooray! Thanks again for everyone that helped with the big day. I'm almost all unpacked and get to start hanging pictures on the wall tomorrow.
~I don't, however, have internet in the new house. I may not for awhile. Be prepared for incredibly sporadic blogging.
~We closed on the above mentioned house. It was a big ordeal, but the papers are signed. Hallelujah. Now we get to spend the next 30 years paying it off. Think we can stay put that long?
~Coming back to work- Curious George and I both came back to work today. It was nice to spend the whole weekend together, but we had to get back to the grind eventually.

Next projects on the list:
~My backyard
~Curtains for the dining room
~Decoration Little Critter's nursery.


jill said...

glad everything worked out with moving in. sorry i couldn't come help! excited to see it :)

crissy said...

Congratulations on the boy and your successful move! Little boys are so special. :)


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