Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Know a Place...

This is Camp Brighton, we welcome you here.
We're glad you can linger awhile.
We know you'll be touched by the spirit of God,
and you'll leave with a tear and a smile.

Some of you may already know that I spent the summer before my Senior year of high school living away from home. It was one of the best and worst summers of my life, all rolled up into one. It was the summer when I really went from being a kid to a grown up, the summer when I laughed (and cried) more than any other, and the first time in my life I truly gained a testimony.

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to return to my home away from home, and Heavenly Father's summer home, Brighton LDS Girls Camp. I have been anticipating this weekend for months. I wasn't able to attend the last reunion in 2005, so this was a big deal for me. It had been eight years since I'd seen a lot of my friends, sung a lot of the songs, and spent the night at Brighton.

The theme of the reunion was "Rekindle: Friendship, Faith, and Fun." And rekindle I did! There were many memories shared, stories told, pictures taken, and tender moments. I was reminded over and over again why I fell in love with my "mountain home" in the first place. It was amazing to me how returning to Brighton made me feel 17 again (no, not like the Zac Efron movie). I felt energetic, young, a little nervous, and so excited to be there. I reconnected with many old friends, and made a few new ones.
While back at my beloved Brighton I fell in love all over again. I fell in love with the mountains, I fell in love with the spirit felt there, and I fell in love with Home. Not only did I leave with a sunburn and a few mosquito bites, but I truly did leave with a tear and a smile.



Chelsea Lee said...

I Feel the same way. It was so great! I loved talking with you! I can't wait to hear if your having a boy or a girl. We'll keep in touch, I want to do lunch with our year girls at Silver Fork when we have our Babies. Talk to you soon.


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