Monday, September 21, 2009

Noteworthy things

Oh my, so much to say and so little space to say it in (I know you all, if this is too long you'll never read all the way through...), so I think a list is in order. I put in as many links as I could so you could all enjoy the things I did.

25 Highlights From This Weekend:
Steve got a job (This was the most important, so I put it first)
A red-eye flight to NYC
A subway ride through Manhattan, complete with me in sweats and lugging a suitcase
Shopping at FAO Schwartz
Chocolate dipped croissants
Fifth Avenue, in all it's glory
The Tiffany Diamond
Tiffany's in general!
Discovering H&M
The American Girl Store, that place is stuff little girls' dreams are made of
Stromboli from Ray's Pizza
An 8 hour van tour of Manhattan
Staten Island Ferry
Haggling over a purse I didn't buy
Central Park
A session in the Manhattan temple
Cupcakes at Crumbs bakery on Broadway
Prayer in the Square
Getting all glammed up and going out with the girls to Wicked (We all looked amazing!)
Defying Gravity
Discovering Cuban food
A spontaneous decision to see Lion King (Do it, you won't regret it!)
Conway's lack of dressing rooms
Achmed (Not the dead terrorist) and the drive back to JFK

You can check out pictures of the whole grand adventure here.


Mr. B said...

You just discovered H&M?!?! But seriously, isn't it amazing?

Ally said...

I'm so glad NYC treated you right!

Tara said...

YAY! I'm so glad Steve got a job. And that you had a Crumbs cupcake. And that you saw Wicked AND Lion King. Sounds like an amazing weekend!

Lena said...

Oh man, I want to shop at H&M SO bad!! I am glad you liked your trip, we need to get together so you can tell me about all this stuff!

jill said...

Isn't H&M one of the most fabulous things to have ever happened!

LOVE nyc.


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