Sunday, August 16, 2009

August is Awesome

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it'd been so long since I'd updated!

August is a pretty busy month for us, it includes our anniversary, Steve's birthday, and a few other things.

The first Saturday in August we went out with some friends of mine from work to see a coworker sing and play at the Tin Angel restaurant. The food was to die for, and Kris' music was incredible. From cover songs, to her own original pieces, the woman knows how to rock. Thanks friends, for a fun night out. It was also the first time Steve and I took the bike out together this summer. I have no desire to drive one, but I love riding on the back... especially in my cute pink argyle helmet.

Since it was our one year anniversary we decided to go away for a night. (Actually, we got a free night for going to some spiel about vacation time shares and booked it for our anniversary.) So, the Sunday before the big day we took a lovely drive up Ogden Canyon to stay the night at the Alaskan Inn. It was really nice, since it was a Sunday night we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Our room was aptly named the Hook Line and Sinker Suite. Everything in the room was fishing oriented. It was pretty cute. The best part, though, was the fact that I got to take a nice soak in a giant jetted garden tub... while drinking sparkling cider.

For our actual anniversary we made dinner reservations at Epic in Midvale. The food was delish, the atmosphere was great, and the live music rounded it out. Only downfall to the evening: watching the obviously pregnant woman at the table next to us down half a bottle of wine all by herself. Can anyone say Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Then, the Tuesday after our anniversary, was Steve's 30th birthday. I love being able to tease him that he's old now. (He's not, 30 is the new 15, or something.) We didn't do anything for his birthday cause I had to work that night, but I told him that this weekend we were going to see a movie with some friends. Really, I had a surprise party planned. We had a lovely time with food, friends, babies, puppies, and cake. He was totally surprised, he had no idea that I'd planned anything. The only regret is that more of our friends couldn't make it. Thank you so much to those of you who took time out of your busy lives to come wish my hubby a happy birthday. The realization that this party brought to me, though, is that I really don't see some of my friends often enough. I'm going to make more of an effort to initiate social activities from now on.

The other big excitement of the month is Mom and Pops' new puppy, Ruby. She is an adorable Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. She's succeeded in winning over everyone but Gracie-girl. She's also succeeded in making me baby hungry... for any species.

I'm sad that Mac is going back to school next week. We didn't get very many chances to go on field trips this summer, but the ones we did take were a lot of fun. I'm excited for him to be starting this new chapter in his life as a junior high student.

I can't believe we're already coming up on the end of summer, I think it went way too fast this year. I hope you all are enjoying what's left, and if anyone wants to play... Call Me!


Lena said...

Steve's party was a big success! I am glad we got to come, and sad that we each left early. And you are right, we need to play more. Hopefully this winter, when my stuff is all done, I will have more time for hanging out. In the mean time, don't forget about us when planning parties!


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