Monday, May 4, 2009

Dental Fun

So, I got a notion into my head about a month ago that Steve and I needed to get in to see a dentist. I hadn't been in about 18 months, and it'd been more than 7 years for Steve. Well overdo, right? Anyway, I researched some dentists that accept my insurance, and discovered that my childhood dentist would take us. I was ecstatic! As a dentist he's fantastic. So, I made us appointments, and that's where the saga begins...

We went in last week for new patient visits. I had a cleaning done, some impressions taken, and discovered that I had a new cavity that needed filling. No big deal, right? Well, then comes Steve's news... mild periodontal disease. Lovely. He needed deep cleaning done over the course of 2 weeks, antibiotics injected into his gum line, and another check up in 6 weeks. It was also decided that my metal fillings would be replaced with the white stuff. Ok by me. Good thing we have a savings account. Anyway, we both made appointments for the next week and went on our merry way.

We returned today for the second half of Steve's deep clean and antibiotic treatment, and my filling replacement. They took me back first and got started on numbing me up... quite an achievement, apparently. It took on shot in my bottom jaw, three for my upper right, and two for my upper left. I'll take the shots over being able to feel the drilling, though! Anyway, long story short, they finished up his cleaning and my fillings and started to send us out the door. But wait! They needed new bottom impressions for me. So, we took the impressions, and started to send me out the door again. Hold on! They needed new top impressions, too. So, they finally finished all of the work, we paid our bill (don't ask how much, you don't want to know!), and we were on our way.

Only problem? Steve apparently had to be numbed for his antibiotic injections, so he can't feel his tongue or any part of his lower lip or chin. I'd take that, though, since I can't feel anything on the right side of my mouth, or the upper left side. I try to smile and I look like a stroke victim.

I guess it's a good thing anesthesia wears off...


Annette said...

Todd and I had some dental work done in January... both of us were serious numb and what was funny, besides also looking like stroke victims, is we tried to kiss a few times with limp lips! Those jolly laughs made up for the number of cavities between us!

Hope Steve will turn out okay with all his work. Good luck.

Lena said...

I am so sorry! I am not a big fan of the dentist. Not the worst thing that could happen (and lets face it, it hasnt been) but I dont look forward to it. Dental insurance is never as good as you want it to be.

Talina said...

That sounds much like mine and David's trip to the dentist. It had been over 3 years for me and over 5 for David. I was fine. David needed several shots of antibiotics (which our insurance didn't cover, grr) and lots of work done on cavities and such. Thank goodness we'd signed up for FLEX this year, though I had thought it would last the whole year and not run out after 2 dentist appointments ;)


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