Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tales from the ultrasound

This is all going to be a bit anecdotal from my midwife-visit-slash-ultrasound today, so feel free to quit reading at any point.

One of the things I love most about seeing the midwives is that I'm not tied to one practitioner. I just see whoever happens to be in office that particular day and time. This visit I saw DeeDee, a midwife who I hadn't met yet. We were having a rather frank conversation about my weight, gain to that point etc. Mainly, I hadn't gained any weight (not an ounce) since my last visit 4 weeks ago. In someone who weighs 110 pounds, that would have been a concern, but since I started out overweight it wasn't a huge deal for me (Just fyi, at 20 weeks my weight gain to this point has been just over 10 pounds).  DeeDee started into her spiel about nutrition, proper eating to help Bean grow, etc, then stopped herself. "How much did your last baby weigh?" she asked.
"Nine pounds nine ounces."
"Oh, ok. So pretty much this baby is going to gain enough weight whether you want it to or not, eh? By the way, I see you had your last one vaginally.  Has anyone given you props for that? Seriously, your first baby, he's over 9 pounds, you're pretty awesome."

Anyway, the rest of the appointment was pretty much business as usual. Then it was onto my ultrasound.  They jellied up my belly and got to work. After taking measurements, checking out Beans general well-being,  and making sure my placenta was in a good place, the tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having. I assured her that we definitely did, I don't do surprises. Well, go figure, the baby didn't want to cooperate. After some belly-shaking, and trying to get it to move to a better position she said, "And, there's his penis.  It's a boy!"  She finished up what she needed to do and sent the doctor in. He double-checked to make sure we knew what we were having before he slipped up and told us differently.  I said, "We were told it's a boy."
His response was, "You didn't see it?  I'm pretty sure I was able to see that from the next room!"

So, there you have it: Baby Boy #2 will be joining the Borges family in late August/early September.



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