Monday, July 23, 2012


#22- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

5 years: It will be 2017.  I will be 32, Greasemonkey will be almost 38, and T-Bone will be 6. I'll hopefully be finished with my Bachelor's Degree by then. I'd love to be working in the OR, but it's a tough place to find an in. I'd love to have one or 2 more kids by then, since T-Bone will be getting ready to start 1st grade (holy cow!). We'll probably still be living in our same house, but I'll definitely be driving a bigger car.

10 years: It will be 2022. I will be 37, Greasemonkey will be pusing 43, and T-Bone will be 11. (Just to put a little bit of perspective on 10 years: I was getting ready to start my Senior year of high school 10 years ago).  I'd like to be out of floor nursing by then, hopefully working for an insurance company, workman's comp, etc. I'd like to be done having kids, possibly with a few of my own and a few adopted.  I've always wanted to adopt a couple of kids, I feel like there are a lot of kids out there that need good homes, and if I can provide that for them, I should. Anyway, chances are pretty good we'll still be living in our same house, but hopefully there will be some young families in the ward by then. Although, ten years from now we won't be such a young family anymore.

15 years: It will be 2027. I will be 42, Greasemonkey will be knocking on the door of 48, and T-Bone will be 16 (my baby will be driving!).  If I stay with IHC, I will have been with the company for 22 years at this point. That'd be pretty cool. Hopefully by this point Greasemonkey will be managing his own branch of MotoStation.  My kids should all be in all-day school at this point, so I'd love to go back to school for my Master's Degree.  It would be pretty awesome to be able to teach Nursing, I'd even love to just lead clinicals. Let's not lie, we'll probably still be in our same house in the same old neighborhood. It is a good place to raise a family and teenagers, after all. Oh, and I'll probably still be driving the car from the 5 year mark.



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