Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The one about Thanksgiving

Yep, the time has come... my thankful Thanksgiving post. And since we all know just how much I love a list, I'm going to attempt to condense my thoughts into one. This year I am especially grateful for:

Indoor plumbing

My calling with the young women

My sweet husband, who has stuck with me through all of my crazy this year

A wonderful and supportive family

Soft, fuzzy socks

A career in a field I love
The ability to help provide for my family

That I can read
My good health

Supportive friends and neighbors
My talents, and the opportunity I have to use them

My ability to impact changes around me
All-natural beauty recipes

Fantastic coworkers that I look forward to seeing at work, and away from work
A walking buddy

Financial stability
A house that I don't have to remodel

And most especially: A sweet Sharkbaby who loves to give me kisses, read stories with me, and help me play the piano
What can I say? I am truly blessed.




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