Monday, February 8, 2010

Under a Bushel

I have, I think, quite a few talents. I have been rather blessed in this area.

I can sing.
I play the piano decently.
I'm a dang good cook.
I'm a whiz with my old Canon film camera.
I make pretty rad baby blankets.
I can sew a little.
I think I'm rather humorous.
I have a million brilliant craft ideas (although, my follow through might be a little lacking).
I can decorate with the eclectic best of 'em.

However, something I seem to be struggling with (and I honestly didn't think I would) is digital photography. My amazing husband bought me one of my dream gifts for Christmas: a Canon Rebel xti. Beautiful! I'd been dreaming about one for months, pricing them out for almost as long, and cruising KSL Classifieds for the deal of the century. Well, lo and behold, there was one waiting under the Christmas tree for me.

Now, considering my luck with my older-than-the-hills film camera I thought I'd be fine. I love to experiment, and I'm a big fan of instant gratification, so I thought this would be fabulous. Oh boy, was I wrong.

I couldn't figure it out on my own, so I signed up for a community-ed digital photography class. Unfortunately for me, the teacher has opted to focus more on Photoshop and the editing aspect of photography. Ack! What's a girl to do?

So, I'm learning on my own how to set the shutter speed, how to change the aperture, how to read the light meter.

And maybe someday I'll be able to add digital photography to my list of talents.signature


Lena said...

I love photography as well, and I would like to think that my primary set back with my digital camera is that I have trouble with a couple of the settings. But I'm making progress. I always thought that if I got a good camera like that it would be easier, but I guess I was wrong!

Amber said...

If you haven't already, be sure to check out pioneerwoman's website. She has a lot of photography tips. I think she also focuses on photoshop tips, but you might find something about shutter speed, appeture, etc... And yes, you are a DANG good cook. ;)

Kendall said...

Me too! Nate got me a camera for christmas and i am learning how to use it also. so we should get together and learn together!! BTW it is a cannon Rebel T1i. I have a few books that I have purchased latley and I almost always have them with me at the hospital if you ever want to look at them.


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