Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life's Little (Or Big) Regrets

I have a rather large "dork streak". I spend an unusual amount of time doing simple physics problems in my head, such as: "If I'm going this fast in mph, how long will it take me to get from point A to point B"; thinking about the odds of strange things; or thinking about what Disney movie I'm going to watch later. One of my largest forms of geekery, however, is fed by the recent uprising of fantasy/fiction young adult book series. I love series that talk about magic in otherwise ordinary people, anything dealing with the "supernatural world", or anything that takes the weird and makes it normal. One series in particular, though, has changed the way I look at everyday life:That's right, I love, Love, LOVE Harry Potter. My one great regret in life is that I was born a muggle. True story. I would love to be Mrs. Weasley, running a household and using magic to accomplish everyday tasks. I would love to attend Hogwarts and learn how to be the best wizard I could possibly be. And now, a (somewhat frightening) view into the workings of my mind:
I do my best thinking in the shower. Well, today in the shower I happened to be thinking about the probably that any of my children could be born wizards, if there really were such a thing. I decided that having the genetic makeup to be a wizard follows a similar pattern as twins. Usually, twins run in families. Every so often, though, a set of twins will pop up out of the deep end of a gene pool and surprise the whole family. Likewise for squibs. Just being a twin doesn't necessarily mean you will have children that are twins, hence squibs.
Anyway, I came to the conclusion that the chances of Curious George and I producing a wizard-y offspring are slim to none. Alas, my children will have to be content to be muggles just like their mom.

That doesn't mean I won't teach them to wish they were wizards, though...

P.S.- Someday I will visit this place. Wanna come?


Lena said...

Haha! So THIS is where Nik got this link last night. He spent about 20 minutes looking through it. And YES we will totally come with you. And I agree. Harry Potter is hands down the best fantasy-type story in a very long time. Good choice Muggle.

Talina said...

Have you read "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" yet? It's not as good as Harry Potter, but it's kinda fun and the same idea of there being a secret, magical world hidden in our normal, everyday world.
And I totally get it. One of my favorite series of all times is about a girl who can talk to animals (and shape-shift into them) and I used to (I'm lying. I still do) wish I had that same power. Sigh. :)

minisuperbias said...

Have you read anything by Charles de Lint? He's the king of urban fantasy!

Kendall said...

Me to!!!! everything you just posted is exactly what I think all the time!! Nate thinks that I am crazy! Oh yes and percy jackson is such a great book can't wait to see the movie


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