Tuesday, January 5, 2010


WinCo is my new best friend.

No really, it is. Last week I had a terrible (even worse than usual) shopping experience at my usual grocery haunt. So, when this week's trip rolled around I decided to give the WinCo a try. Wow, am I ever glad that I did! It may have been a little bit of a drive (good thing it's not July and I didn't buy any ice cream), but it was totally worth it.

First of all, the savings. Oh, the savings! I have a bargain-hunting gene bred into me somewhere (thanks Mom) and it was doing a serious happy dance today. Stuff that I normally would have paid $4-$5 for was only $1 or $2. I was able to do some food storage shopping (hooray for potato pearls!), and still find everything I needed on my list.

I was especially impressed with the "pay by the pound" section. I remember this section from my childhood as being full of candy, treats, nuts, etc. Well, at WinCo they have pasta, about 20 different kinds of flour, other baking needs, rice, nuts, etc. Not to mention the traditional bin-found treats.

The store was very reminiscent of Food4Less for me. It was warehouse-ish, open, and a bit strangely laid out. The demographic of people shopping there tended to lean a little towards the white trash side of things, but so do I sometimes.

All in all, it was a great shopping day. And that's saying something, because I HATE to grocery shop.


Tara said...

"tended to lean a little towards the white trash side of things, but so do I sometimes."

Genius. I totally LOL...literally.

Lena said...

Great post. I actuall like grocery shopping, but I have never given thought to WinCo cause it was so far away. Maybe I will have to trek out there cause I loved Food4Less. And if the savings is a good as you say....

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

I need to go check it out!

Talina said...

I've been wanting to try WinCo ever since I saw one of their ads. If you are ever heading out there on a weekday evening or a Saturday, give me a call. I'll even split the gas for the long ride ;)


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