Thursday, February 19, 2009

I want one!

Ok, so I've been a little puppy obsessed lately. I can't seem to get my mind off of it ever since my parents gave away Little Sister (the dog they found and gave to the rescue society). I don't want just any dog, though, I want a girly dog. I want a sissy little lap dog that I can put a rhinestone collar and a cute little doggy sweater on. Yeah, I'm getting soft in my old age. Anyway, I'm leaning towards a dachsund... In fact, I've found the one I want. Want to see? Of course you do:That's right, she's a mini dachsund, and isn't she cute as a button?I just can't bring myself to pay $450 for a dog and then subject it to our apartment style of life. Plus we can't really handle the $300 deposit it would take to allow a dog into our home. Alas, I'll still dream.


Andrew said...

Oh! So cute! I love puppies

Vee said...

don't be hesitant to check out the local shelters. I know the humane society is a part of a dog exchange program were we give other states our big dogs, who are more desirable there, and they bring us their little dogs, which go like hot cakes here.
Save your self 450!
I paid less than half of that for little walter who is maltese shihtzu mix!

Talina said...

Ah! Now I want a puppy!!! I saw that Allie was going to get one or got one (can't remember now. Stupid cold medicine) and ever since then I've been trying to justify it. Sure, we'd have to move, pay more in rent, buy the puppy we can't afford and then FEED said puppy. Plus David and I are both gone 10+ hours per day. But it's a PUPPY!!! And it's cute and cuddly and will love me always. That makes it worth it, right? :)

jill said...

you can come pet my dogs...they are prissy lap dogs, and super cute.


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