Saturday, February 21, 2009

The good news... and the bad.

So, good news! Yesterday morning Steve got a call from South Valley Motorsports, the place he was laid off from, and business has picked up a ton, so he's got his job back! Hooray! We're not really thrilled that he's back to square one doing a job that he hates, but at this point I'll take anything. Also, he's decided (with no prodding from me, I swear!) to go back to school... so he doesn't have to stay at South Valley forever.

The bad news? He has no idea what he wants to study. We've pretty much decided that a generic degree from some (any) university isn't the best option for him. A few things we've discussed: something in the IT field, police academy (scares the poo out of me, but he's all for it), HVAC tech degree, CDL, or any other sort of "trade" degree, i.e. plumbing, electrical (cause really, how many out-of-work plumbers do you know?). So, we'll spend the spring and summer deciding exactly what he wants to study, and then come fall semester we're both going back to school. Yeah, I'm going back, too. Guess our dreams of house (and dog, for that matter) ownership will have to wait awhile longer.

Anyway, we're super excited that he's back to work. In other news, my kitchen is still leaky, I'm seriously counting down the days until I get to see the doctor. Stupid body. But other than that, life is good. :)

P.S.- My gray hairs are starting to show again, which means it's time to color my hair. Any suggestions on what color to go?


myrtlemichelle said...

What are you going back to school for? And hooray for him getting his job back!

Talina said...

Congratulations Steve! (And Annie!) I know it's not your dream job but it is nice to have the money rolling in. Especially since you'll need to start saving for your transition to poor college student life! (It's not so bad. David and I got very creative with married-life dating when we had no money).
Good luck with all the decision making!

Lena said...

I have always liked you with brown hair, but a touch of red is always good too!

Hilary said...

My Dad totally recommends doing the electrician/plumbing type of thing . . . just join up with one of the trade unions and they'll pay all your school, pay you decent while you're doing it, and then make a really decent wage and have marketable skills when you're done!

Ally said...

I'm so glad Steve has his job back!

Andrew said...

Yay! We can all be poor college students together! And P.S. I think you should stay brown. I like you with dark hair :)


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