Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 things I've learned this week

A few tidbits I've picked up this week:

1. The best way to kill a sea bass (apparently) is to lasso it's tail and drag it backward so it drowns

2. Drunk+White Trash= Your typical football fan

3. Drunk+White Trash= Your typical State Fair Attender

4. The giant yellow slide is just as much fun when you're an adult

5. It is virtually impossible to stay awake at the temple if you worked all night

6. Our wedding day was not perfect. Something major did, in fact, go wrong

7. I am not pregnant

8. I don't care how old and decrepit they are, it is wonderful to have a washer and dryer in your own home

9. Speaking of washers and dryers, I need to teach Steve how to do laundry my way

10. Blue mint Aggie ice cream is, in fact, equal with dying and going to heaven (can we say white chocolate chunks?)


Lena said...

I agree with the White Trash stuff, we saw the sights at the fair too. I also agree with the washer and dryer thing. I don't know what I would do with out my hand-me-down washer and KSL dryer. They make me feel good about myself.

Felicity said...

Ah, #7 made me laugh out loud. Hope that was an appropriate reaction...


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