Friday, August 29, 2008

I was strolling through the park one day...

So, last night I was desperate to get out of the house for awhile. We've only been married 3 weeks and already I feel like we're in a dinner, movie, bedtime rut. Hence, I decided that we should take an outing.

While Steve was on his way home from work I popped over to the grocery store to purchase some picnic supplies. We made some scrumptious sandwiches (I always make mine too big, but never learn), tossed in some cookies, fruit snacks, lemonade, nectarines, and a special dessert surprise, and jumped into the car. We took a lovely drive through town and finally arrived at Red Butte Garden.

We parked the car, walked inside the very modern lobby building, paid our entrance fee, and started our trek through the park. I wanted to eat over by the pond and the waterfall garden, but little did I know we'd be sharing it with 5 (yes, 5) brides-to-be getting their pictures taken. (Sidenote: I am SO glad I was a low-maintenance bride. Every single one of them seemed so high-maitenance, and almost 'zilla-ish) Anyway, we found a lovely little corner near the bush-rustling quail and laid down my handy-dandy picnic blanket. We ate our food, watched the sun drop behind the mountain, and quietly made fun of the prima-ballerina brides. The best part was when we had one bride beg to take picturers near where we were sitting because she was quickly losing her light. Don't mind our romantic picnic, getting your picture taken next to a specific tree is MUCH more important...

Anyway, we finished up our meal, had our lovely dessert surprise (60% dark Ghirardelli's chocolate squares), packed up our stuff, and went on our way. We took a short walk through the oak tunnel, ventured into the herb garden (it smelled DIVINE!), and played around in the childrens garden for a bit (I especially enjoyed getting "swallowed" by the giant snake and wandering through his belly). It felt so great to get out, watch the sunset, smell the garden, and be with Steve.

My only regret? I forgot my camera.


WonderKitty said...

That sounds like great fun! We just did one similar in Liberty Park.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Congrats on your wedding! I'm sad we couldn't make it. It took me awhile to get used to sharing a bed, too!


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