Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Months

My Sweetest Squish,
5 whole months!  What a joy you have been to our family. Everyday you make me smile with your sweet ways.
You are a very patient boys when it comes to pretty much everything... except your food. You like to eat, and you like to eat on time. Period. You definitely start to fuss if you feel like we're late with your bottle. We've started to put rice cereal in your bottle at bedtime every night, just so you'll sleep through. You manage it most of the time, but sometimes we still have to come give you your binky back in the middle of the night.
You started swimming lessons this week and seem to really love it. It always surprises you when we dunk you under, but you seem to recover your smile pretty quickly. You love to watch your brother and try to be a part of whatever he's doing.
You're getting really good at rolling from your tummy to your back, but haven't quite figured out how to go the other way, yet. I think it'll be coming soon, though. I'm kind of afraid for that day, because I think not long after that you'll be on the move. You pretty much just want to keep up with T-Bone.
Your head has rounded out quite nicely, and it's looking more and more like you're not going to end up wearing a helmet after all. Even with your lumpy head, though, I still think you're the cutest baby I know.
I love you, my little Squishy. Keep up the good growing work!



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