Saturday, November 16, 2013

The one about hair

Buckle up, kids, there's gonna be a crapload of pictures in this post. So, I've had a few people asking lately about how long it took to grow my hair our, tips and tricks, and a line up of pics. First, we'll do pictures (ignore the growing pregnant belly, tracking my hair growth while documenting my belly seemed like the easiest way to remember to take a monthly picture), and then I'll do tips and tricks at the end. Ready, set, go!

October 2012, my last pixie cut
November 2012, 1 month in

January 2013, 3 months in

 February 2013, 4 months
 March 2013, 5 months
 April 2013, 6 months

 May 2013, 7 months (flat iron waves)
 June 2013, 8 months (Almost looks like I cut it this length on purpose)
 July 2013, 9 months (long enough to tuck)
August 2013, 10 months (Able to do my natural curls) 

 Still August 2013, I just had to show how miserable I looked being hugely pregnant at the end of The. Hottest. Summer. EVER.
 October 2013, A full year of growth
 November 2013, I actually took length off with my last cut. 

It's amazing what a difference a year can make! My hair isn't long, by any means, but it feels long to me. I can feel it brushing the back of my neck and it still takes me by surprise occasionally. 

Now, how did I do it?  Patience. Lots of it. Seriously, though, it was a combination of a couple of things. I have a fantastic stylist that held my hand through the whole process. She made me come in and get regular mullet trims, because for whatever reason the back grows about a gazillion times faster than the front. She worked with me to get me through the 4 months of awkwardness that happened in the middle there. 

Secondly, I only wash twice, maybe three times, a week. My hair is naturally very dry, so the extra oil from less frequent washings kept it nice and strong. If you feel like you're getting too oily, invest in some dry shampoo. Washing with shampoo every day is really pretty bad for your hair. It strips the natural oils and causes breakage. 

I also recommend deep conditioning. I just use plain old coconut oil and do it about twice a month. You just slather it all over your hair, throw on a shower cap, and let it soak in for 30 minutes or so. Then you carry on with washing and styling like normal. Speaking of styling, heat style as little as you can get away with. For me, this meant drying my hair straight twice a week. Once it's like that I can leave it for several days without having to do anything at all to it.

The last thing is nutrition. Make sure you're eating a balanced diet and taking in enough calories. I would also suggest taking a multivitamin, probably prenatal, and a biotin or hair/skin/nail supplement.

So, there you have it, my (totally not a professional) opinion on how to grow out a pixie cut. Seriously the best tool in your arsenal is going to be patience. 




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