Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Made It!!

My Sweet Little Man,
It's your first birthday and I can hardly believe it. What a year this has been. You have changed my life in ways that I can't even begin to describe. This year has simultaneously been the most fun and the hardest year of my life. I hoped, dreamed, and prayed for you, but nothing could have prepared me for what, and who, you really are.
My handsome boy, you have such a little personality. Already you think you are hilariously funny. You know how to say "Mama", but anytime we ask you to say it you very clearly go, "Daddy. Huh huh huh." You think that game is a lot of fun. You also have quite a fascination with faces. You know where to find eyes, noses, teeth, tongues, ears, and hair. However, you're not terribly gentle. You also know fingers and toes.
You still love story time. Once you've had your bath and are all dressed for bed you will crawl over to the rocking chair in your bedroom and just wait to read stories. Bedtime is my favorite time of day with you. I love holding you on my lap in the rocking chair, smelling your sweet little head, and cuddling while we read stories and you drink your milk. I feel like that is "our" time everyday and I miss it on the nights I'm at work.
You are getting so big and strong. You love to walk, but only if you're holding onto something or someone. You have 6 teeth with a 7th on it's way in. For your birthday I made you a bucket with some bean bags so you can put things in and take things out to your heart's content. You also love to be doing whatever Mom and Dad are doing. If we're in the kitchen, you want to be playing in the kitchen. If we're outside, you are one happy kid. If I'm in the bathroom getting ready, you want to be right there with me.
You love to talk nonsense sounds to me. We can carry on conversations like that all day. You give the sweetest little slobbery open-mouthed kisses. I love watching your little hands sign things to me to show me what you need. You can sign food, milk, more, finished, play, water, and shoes. You also know how to give high 5 and bones.
My sweet, sweet baby... I can hardly call you a baby anymore. Everyday you turn into more of a little boy. Everyday you learn and grow so much, and everyday I learn and grow right along with you. I love you for everything you are. I love you for everything you will someday become. I love you for everything you have taught me about myself. I love you all the way up to your toes, to the moon and back. I love you with everything I have inside of me.
So, on your first birthday, I am overflowing with the love and joy you bring to my life. Thank you, handsome boy, for this past year. Here's to many more to come.
I love Monkey!



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