Friday, July 29, 2011

Scented goodness

So, my family has the Sharkbaby in St. George for the weekend. I feel a little bit lost, but I'm coping ok. How? Let me show you!First I went to the liquor store for some vodka (no, I wasn't going to get wasted with the baby gone). Then I picked up some home fragrance oils, and some spray bottles. What for? Glad you asked:

Homemade Febreze (Green-style)

I ended up with three different scents: vanilla-lime blossom, satsuma clementine orange, and aloe-fresh linen. They are delicious smelling!

So, if you want to make some for yourself, here is the how-to:

1/2 cup vodka or rubbing alcohol (vodka doesn't smell as strong as the rubbing alcohol, but the rubbing alcohol smell fades pretty quickly after spraying it on)
1 cup of water
30-40 drops of scented oils, depending on how strong you want the fragrance to be (I used 32)

That's it. Super-easy, won't harm the environment, and if you buy a big enough bottle of vodka you can make your own for years. Enjoy!



Lena said...

Can we get together and do this from start to finish? I love this idea cause I usually don't like the scents that I have to choose from. Does it work to get the odors out or just to make it smell good?


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