Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pick Three M'Lord!

Another month come and gone... it was a big one for us. Read on for details.

My Sweetest Baby Boy,
Oh my, what a month this has been! You are getting so big already, I can hardly believe it. This month you hit a few new milestones:
~You rolled over from your tummy to your back. While you were laying on your tummy you were fussing a little and started to rock back and forth. Then all of a sudden you'd flipped yourself completely over. I started to clap and cheer and you immediately stopped fussing. Your eyes got big and you looked at me like, "My view of the world just changed. What happened?" I've tried to get you to do it a few times since, but you won't do it every time. Sometimes you'll just lay on your tummy and glare at me.
~You've started laughing this month. You won't usually do it spontaneously, it has to be coaxed out of you. We usually get the best laughs out of you when we tickle you or give you your toes to suck on.
~You're starting to discover your feet. Anytime I sit you up so you can see them you look back and forth between them trying to figure out what they are and how you control them.
~You are definitely the happiest in the morning and will talk to me for hours when you wake up. You are quite the little story teller!
This month I went back to work. You've adapted to it better than I thought you would, and are actually handling it better than I am. I've cried on the way to work all week long, and you are the only thing I can talk about once there. You get to go play at Nana and Pops' house, and love all of the attention you get there. Your world is also expanding a bit at a time. You are seeing some new places and meeting some new people. For the most part you are such a happy boy and like to just hang out with Mom and Dad, doing whatever they are doing. We love watching you grow and change, and we look forward to seeing what you will do next!


Chelsea Lee said...

He is so adorable Selkie! I can tell that you are such a good Mom. Doesn't time fly? My baby girl is almost 9 months now and I also am back to work. It seems like just the other day we were up at the reunion together talking about our pregnancies.

I can relate to crying on the way to work. It is so hard to leave them while they are still so small.


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