Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 Months

Yep, it's that time again. My little man is 2 whole months old. We went to the pediatrician today and he weighed in at 11lbs 13oz and is 24.75 inches long. Which puts him in the 97th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. So, without further ado, my monthly letter:

Dear Sharkster,
Holy cow, you are getting so big! I love getting to spend so much time with you. This past month we worked on getting you on a schedule. Like everything else I don't pick up immediately, when it didn't work as planned I got frustrated and decided we'd do more of a rhythm than a schedule. So we started a bedtime routine. Every night we feed a bottle, get you dressed for bed, read you "Guess How Much I Love You", sing "You Are My Sunshine", swaddle you up nice and tight, and then rock you to sleep. You are great night time sleeper, usually only waking up once in the night to eat. Naps, however, are another story. Sometimes you are a great napper, taking 2-3 hour naps, and other times you'll only settle in for short cat naps. I don't generally mind, though, I'll just put you in the car and let you nap while I run errands.
You are such a happy and smiley little guy. The only time you cry or get fussy is when you're hungry or tired. You love it when daddy and I talk baby talk to you, sing silly songs, and play patty-cake. You also love it when your Pops snacks on your toes. Your favorite person to take naps with is your Uncle Zig, and you love to make faces at your Uncle Mac. Your Aunt Maddie spoils you rotten, but you still won't give her a real smile. We're working on fixing this. Your Grammy Judy comes to visit you at least once a week, and you love to snuggle on her.
You still have crazy and fuzzy hair. I love to show people your baby mullet. When I sit you on my lap you do this funny thing where you stretch your neck out to get your head up as high as it will go. This has led me to nickname you either scrunch-head, turtle-head, or a combination of the two... usually Scrunchy-Turtle-Head. You love it when I tell you how handsome you are. That always makes you smile the biggest, but anytime I get out the camera to try and capture a smile you immediately stop. You're just like your daddy that way.
Well, my sweet baby boy, I look forward to another month of watching you grow and develop. You are most definitely my sunshine.
I love you to the moon and back!



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