Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Halloween Cheer

So, I mentioned in a previous post how much I LOVE Halloween. Well, I've been crafting and sewing up a storm over here. (It's true, my house has burlap, glitter, and mod podge EVERYWHERE!) Anyway, as promised, a few pictures of what I've been working on:
So this sweet little burlap number is now hanging on the inside of my back door. I'm pretty much in love with it!

And the start on my Halloween costume:
I've got the basic dress form sewn, I just need to finish the neck, arm holes, hem it, and add the petticoat layers underneath. Ms. Scarlet, here I come!

Happy Haunting!

P.S.- Due to the insane amount of dreams I've been having about sharks, we've all taken to calling Little Critter by a new nickname: Sharky. So, that's what I'm changing his blog name to. He will henceforth be known as Sharky.



Kristina P. said...

I love the wreath. So fun!


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