Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blogging Slacker

I am officially a blogging slacker. Really, our lives are pretty much the same as always. So, on that note, I'll just share a few random facts about myself:

I have an aversion to turning right into parking stalls.
I am growing a cilantro plant in my living room window. It's out of control.
I really, really hate Wal-Mart, and yet continue to shop there for the low prices.
I'm not a violent person by nature, but sometimes when I get annoyed, I want to kick people.
I have a difficult time reading historical novels. Jane Austen is so not my style.
I want to write a book. Maybe someday I'll start on it.
I'm a stress baker, and cleaner, and shopper. Yeah, I lose.
I enjoy wearing patterned socks to work.
I biffed it in a patient's room the other night. He laughed at me.
I have a slight obsession with Gerber Daisies.
I am a fountain of random knowledge. Ask me for a random fact next time you see me.
I feel bad that I don't spend more time with my friends, but have a hard time initiating a get together.
I have about 15 sewing projects that I need to get underway.
I love being out on boats. I'll leave the fishing to the men, just let me relax in the bow.
I have 3 very unique siblings. I look up to them all, even the short ones. :)
I have a thing for musicals. So does Steve, it's ok.
If I could live everyday in a tshirt and jeans, I would.

That's enough from me. What's something random about you?


Lena said...

My Christmas cards are still on the back of my front door. Numerous people have pointed this out to me, I don't care.

I just figured out that my frogs make a high pitched coughing noise during mating.

Talina said...

I too am a stress cleaner. But it's kind of a blessing since cleaning actually RELAXES me (well, not so much the CLEANING part but the everything being clean at the end part).
Also, I WANT to hang out with my friends more often but am lazy and never think ahead to invite them to do something so we should get together and do something. And invite a bunch of other people too. I will contact you soon about this ;)

jill said...

the fact you want to kick people when you are annoyed makes me happy for some non-apparent reason. :) Have a lovely day!

Colt said...

I also want to write a book!! I have tried to start one but it never gets anyway because it always starts seeming like some other book I've read...

Also I have boaters rage... When there are stupid people around me when I am boating I tend to swear lots :P


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